Nicky F.

"My dog has seizures and since I have been using the Nervine (three months 30 drops every morning ). The time between seizures has stretched from every three weeks to going on 10 weeks and counting.  No seizure yet.  I am so thankful I found you and that my baby is doing better. So glad we live in a state where we can get this help. I did not want to put my 2 year old on phenobarbital for his seizures for the rest of his life.
Thank you!!

~Nicky F.

Sasha / Nada

Sasha / Nada - White Elk Creations Testimonial"Sasha  is 12 years old and was born with bad hips, so we’ve been managing her with exercise to keep her muscles strong, swimming, pain meds, glucosamine, acupuncture, chiropractic, keeping her thin, you name it, I’ve done it. But I’ve definitely noticed I think she’s feeling pretty good with all your magical potions."

~ Nada







"White Elk Creations and Pat have done wonders for my lung cancer dog. My girl is well over the expectations given for life expectancy, over double the amount of time, and is doing amazing! After meeting with Pat for the first time, my girl started on the White Elk Creations recipe and once again developed an appetite and a desire to get out for short walks and became effervescent again! Since then, the recipes have been altered and updated as her needs changed. I have faith in White Elk and Pat! I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her."

~ Bonny j.


"The salve from White Elk Creations hes been very helpful. After a long haul of over 7 hr at times in the drivers seat of my big trunck, my lower back and knees would get stiff and sore.Applying a small amount of the salve to these areas felt cool at first and then a few minutes later my pain vanished"

~ Eduardo H.


"I had such great success with your Spectrum Oil with CBD that I just HAD to write to you! Thank you for this product!!!! I have struggled with a bone infection in my jaw for over a year. I have had 2 bone transplants and the illness as well as the 2 major surgeries have caused me great pain and swelling in the jaw. I have used everything in the last year and now nothing is working. A week or so ago I decided to try your Spectrum Oil with CBD. WHAT AN AMAZING AND WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!! Within 5 minutes the pain went down to a very manageable level (relief that I had not felt in a long time) and the swelling even went down! I couldn’t believe it! THANK YOU for providing a HEALTHY product to relieve pain, swelling and promote healing at the same time. I can feel the healing properties when I use it. I take it orally as suggested and I rub some on the outside of my jaw in the face/neck area and in justfive minutes or less I have relief! I will be sure to tell everyone I know about how Spectrum Oil with CBD from White Elk Creations has helped me. Thank you again so much! I was in terrible pain until I found this product and for this healing, I will forever be grateful!"

~ Suzanne A.

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