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Herbals – The Healing Power of Hemp

Hibiscus Kenaf Flower

Hibiscus Kenaf Flower

Our Hemp products include extracts and elixirs designed to help support the mind, body and spirit of our companion pets during the healing process. The human body products include muscle balm help bring relief to sore muscles, aches and pains. Small amount of this amazing muscle balm on chest help during cold season. Scare oil is used to soften old scares, help new CLOSED scars heal faster, also good to soften stretchmarks and fine lines.

White Elk Creations LLC sends samples of each run to laboratories to make sure we know which cannabinoids (of which there are many) and may or may not be in each product. Plans are to post labs of new product, as well as a graph. With that information you can better chose the product that best helps your pet. We can not stress enough, if you are not familiar with herbal always consult your pets veterinarian

We have more products under development, so please check back often to see what new products we have introduced to help our pups.

Please see our list of retail outlets to find out where you can get your White Elk Creations Hemp products.

History of Hemp, Now and Back “Then”

Hemp is considered one of the earliest cultivated plants, with examples of over 8,000 years recorded history in Taiwan, and recorded data in China back to the 28th century, where it was used for fiber. There is extensive and interesting history on many sights. Doing your own personal research on Hemp’s old history would be very valuable and enlightening, and I highly recommend it.

Industrial Hemp is classified a Cannabis Sativa, with hundreds of varieties and is a member of the Mulberry family. Hemp’s main use until recently has been for fiber (which includes fashion materials), fuel (which is expanding in research), and building material( hemp homes). Amazing new product lines and uses are constantly advancing, one of which is the nutritional area, which is where White Elk Creations hope to excel in honor of dogs and other pets.

White Elk Creations Product Availability

White Elk Creations is now setting up wholesale accounts. If your retail outlet is interested in adding Hemp Pet products to your customer offering, please go to our wholesale set up page.

At times our products may have limited availability due to limited availability of Hemp Plant material. We are working with local farmers to ensure this does not happen in future. We do appreciate your patience and understanding when it does happen!

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