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White Elk Creations LogoWhite Elk Creations is a Colorado based, women run company founded by Pat Dice in 2003 that strives to promote health by reestablishing the connection between Mother Earth and its creatures, both animal and  human kind.

Originally created by owner Pat Dice for her own health concerns.

White Elk Creations herbal formulas are designed for  specific health issues,to support the body's system so that is can work to repair or support itself in the healing process .

The formulas are made with a variety of  certified or organic herbs, plant materials, and resins that are shown to support the body, with  many formulas designed  from traditional folk remedies from Pat's training.

Pat holds a BFA in humanities,CRA certification, certification through the Touch for Health Association, certification from David Hoffmann ( California School of Herbal Studies),  David being known as one of the grandfathers of herbalisum.. Pat has lectured, wrote for Healing Path Magazine ( the Herbal Pharmacy), and has articles in Susan Collfelters book on medical tea.



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