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Here it is 2019 the farm bill has passed and more health practitioners are now looking at hemp cbd products for both pets and people, there is hope  for an alternative approach and choices to our pets care and our own health  choices.

In so, so many cases  those of us in the hemp industry are doing amazing things, but if we voice finding of what products can do, will do, or hope to do, the industry and all of us providers  have the fear of  get written up. I just hope good products are not turned into synthetic cbd and taking what is right and natural away from products.

It is also amazing that  our industry is still struggling to  have banking, loans, card processing without exorbitant fees and deposits, yet the marijuana company’s have all, don’t get me wrong they paid there dues, I guess it is just not our turn 🙂 but all of us in this industry work hard, very hard to do whats right and have wonderful safe products were  hanging in there.

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