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According to Wikipedia, Hemp was one of the first plants spun about 10,000 years ago. The history of hemp use is long and has multi uses. Example Russia in 600 BCE made rope, the Arabs around 900 were self-taught in making hemp paper, in the 1600’s Jamestown settlers made rope, sails for their boats, and clothing. It is also said in Wikipedia that in the 1700’s American farmers were required by law to grow hemp 1840 Abraham Lincoln uses Hemp Seed oil. Then it was banned.

Our Industrial Hemp Industries are working hard to bring hemp back into the markets. With so many dwindling natural resources, or so many with a high cost for everyday products, with the damages we are doing to the earth by not using alternative energy and plants that can replace other corps producing less, taking up great amounts of water with not a great return, hemp should be our answer and its return should not be such an issue.

The Hemp Industry, would not only bring back cheaper rope, paper, cloth product, but other items now being produced like stronger, better building material, automobile frames (look up the hemp cars, awesome), musical instruments, replacement for plastic food containers with bio-degradable containers and health care product, which is where I come in.



I am formulating with a species of kenaf – hibiscus cannabinus L (family-malvaceae),related to cotton, okra,although it is a great fiber and textile plant it is not considered hemp. Kenaf’s history has been in twine,sackcloth,and other domestic uses. There are many cultivars of Kenaf, but it is this species we are interested in. Secondary use: cooking and fuel oil. Edible: young leaf are used to add to soup, steamed for greens, seeds ground for flour.Our research is using this Kenaf related to folk medicine, for bruising,fever,external pain and for the omega oils. We hope to be using it in all extracts and elixirs soon. Our shave cream and ear drops are now Kenaf formulas.

I am sure you have heard of CBD, it is one of the many cannabinoids being found in hemp. There are now universities, and medical facilities doing research on just this one element.

Which is good, then there will be more information so that people can get a better understanding of Industrial Hemp, and all its species and the differences between it and the cousin marijuana. Bad part is that there are companies that want again want to use it to make synthetics in many forms in health care, but a debate for another day.

My company is White Elk Creations, my goal is to create extract and elixir formulas for general well-being for our pet companions, using the many benefits of Industrial Hemp and Kenaf ( hibiscus cannabinus L) more so when combined with other great herbs mother earth has given us.
The pet chart shows the areas of a dogs body we concentrate on in creating our formulas.

white elk creations pet nervine hempThe best dog product to date, is the Nervine which is designed to alleviate nerve pain, deep pain, poor sleep in ill animals, and tension. Since it has been out other issues seem to be helped by it such as minor seizures according to customer’s information.

As always with any herb, I suggest you ask your vet about any supplement before using, also view the contraindication section, which we try to update when we can, to see if this is acceptable for your best friend.

There are a handful of wonderful alternative veterinarians that are open and willing to work with us when it comes to to herbs, Industrial hemp, kenaf, but others not so much and who often have stinging criticism, I hope that changes, as they realize they can offer alternatives to their clients, often at a lower cost without the side effects.

The new extract for White Elk Creations for pets is the Elixir. It is a single plant formula, Just Industrial hemp, (soon to be changed over to Kenaf), and designed for daily maintenance, to support the body with issues related to, inflammations of joints, support for brain and spine, inhibitor of bad cell growth, mood disorders, dog dementia) anti- emetic- vomiting- nausea.

It is our hope owners will get young health dogs started on the elixir as preventative, so maybe they won’t have to face serious issues in old age.


white elk creations muscle balm with hempA NOTE ON THIS SALVE:

I am excited to say we hope this will be in a spray form for pets later to help pets with the same issues us humans experience, Pain! so keep an eye on the sight!!


On the body product for humans, the muscle balm is an amazing, it has a history of doing good things since 2002, It is for deep muscle pain, sprains, pain from recovering bone brakes.

The salve is, analgesic (help with pain), for inflammation issues related to joint pain, arthritic pain, muscle twitching, research is saying for production of bone growth and repair.It also will be converted to Kenaf this year.

Place a bit on the temple area when stuffed up, and great rub for colds and flu. Great for feet at night, and it feels good. NEVER cover the salve, put socks on and never on any open cut, spore or wound.
So, what is an extract verses a tincture, extracts in most cases are thick almost, but not always non-alcohol, taste is nice,and  is easy to absorb. Tinctures by in large are thinner and alcohol based.

Every year the National Hemp Association sends out an e-mail to get people to vote for hemp, please join the fight.

Please support our local retail outlets and our company so we can keep manufacturing product for wellness for our companion buddy’s. If your a retailer we are always looking for new companies.

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