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According to Wikipedia the use of plant, roots, minerals predates human history. It says humans were using plant medicals during the Paleolithic period approximately 60,000 years ago. ( en .m Wikipedia.org)

Scientists now believe that wild animals, of which the wild dog (wolf) is part of, overtime became more and more adapt at knowing which pants and possibly what part of a plant could be used if they were ill, given they had the largest medical chest available to them, mother earths plants, mineral, roots, bones.

Modern dogs, most being so domesticated no longer forage for medical herbs, but I assume it is in some part of their DNA, as you often see a dog eating grass, not just because they like it, but because they need to throw up to ease a stomach issue.

Many of us in the herbal industry are constantly researching and formulating products to help our less wild companion dogs, and it has been a struggle because until recently conventional medicine and pharmacopoeia refused to acknowledge they was any value in herbals. Now is seems and gratefully so, that these same companies and agencies see the value, and in so many cases now are using and marketing herbal blends.

We have seen over the years, what the chronic pain, the nervine, and others pet products, can do if used properly. Coming out of the pandemic White Elk Creations LLC is reintroducing the Pet nervine first.

My company White Elk Creations, has a  goal is to create tinctures and body products for general well-being for our pet companions and their caretakers.


Pet Nervine Bacon FlavorOur best dog product to date,Why? First it was created for issues I deal with, nerve pain, deep pain, poor sleep, and tension. Second working with all my dogs and those of people who now use the nervine, and several veterinarians who refer out for our product, we have found out dogs have similar issues and are helped by trying the nervine. Another issues  that seem to be helped by the nervine, according to customers information, is some relief of minor seizures, and help with increasing appetite.

As always with any herb, I suggest you ask your vet about any supplements before using, also view the contraindication section on our sight, to see if this is acceptable for your best friend, not all herbs are good for all pets.

There are a handful of wonderful alternative veterinarians that are open and willing to work with us when it comes to to herbs, but others not so much and who often have stinging criticism, I hope as they do more research into herbs a realize they can offer alternatives to their clients, often at a lower cost without the side effects.


Muscle Balm Salve: This muscle balm is amazing! it has a history of giving relief since 2002. Again, like all the  products White Elk carries, I created this product for my personal  issues, arthritis, its  associated pains of muscle and joint pains. Constant bone pain, more so with my knee implant, shoulder pins.

The salve is analgesic, it only takes a small amount to work  on most  inflammation issues. Gives relief to  over worked muscles, joint pains, arthritic pain, and muscle twitching.Calms down sciatica, planters fasciitis,( great for feet at nigh, but never cover with socks). A small amount on the temple area. helps when you stuffed, and as a chest rub for colds and flu. NEVER cover the salve, and Never use  on any open cuts, or wound.





This is a nice,exotic,silky product, with a light scent, that is offered for the holidays to be used by men or women.

Kenaf,native to Africa and India,  has a lengthy history, widely known for it use in cordage,fiber,paper and animal bedding and other manufacturing properties. But the seeds  are used to extract oil that contains among other things alpha-linolenic acid that is essential omega-3 fatty acid, and other compounds now found useful in the health and beauty industry.

White Elk Creations uses the kenaf oil in our shaving cream. The shaving cream  helps retain the water under the skin, reduces shaving burns, and is leaves the shaved area silky once rinsed with cool water. a great gift!!

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