August 2020 Update

We are no longer a CBD company, but very grateful to be licensed with a company that can move forward with our CBD product line. We can now go back to basics and perfect what we know.

So going back to basics, did you know?

That every organism be it, man,  beast, or plant, is a product of alkaloids, hormones, glycosides, and various other chemicals according to its nature. And moreover, that such organisms, which include man/women, are made up of the same indestructible elements found in this universe, of which are HYDROGEN, OXYGEN, CARBON CALCIUM, and IRON, plus small amounts of other minerals and chemicals.  So I do do not know where I read that, but despite this impressive range of elements, and chemicals, our total intrinsic value – chemical speaking comes out to be about 5.00 dollars.

I have often wondered if each person’s chemical values could be put back to when they were in a state of health if we would be a healthier, happier lot.

Natural wonders not only interest scientists now but in new research fields, a growing number of people across the world are now taking a new look at old non-traditional healing modalities of which are part of plants.

Since there is such a growing interest in these plants, it is now creating a double edge sword. On one side we realize that we have other options in our health care needs and for our pets as well, then there is the side, the danger of lack of education in the plants, minerals, when it comes to self-medication, and more so over cropping what wild is left in the world’s medical cabinet.

We are losing important plants at a rapid rate, rainforest plants, desert plants are now only persevered by a few, some plants are no longer in the wild, which then makes a weaker genetic plant pool ( well that is an argument I guess for another day) Minerals destroyed by lifestyles. As far as I know, there are no future plans to reseed in the works, and as I stated little education about overcropping. If you find a plant in the wild you want to harvest, NEVER TAKE OVER HALF OF WHAT YOU ARE GIVEN BY THIS GOOD EARTH AND IT CREATOR.

Well, I’m old, and tired and type slow so check back for the rest of this. Keep an eye out for the non-cbd product coming back out and support us when you can.

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